Strategy Investment Group is a full service turnkey property developer based in Metro Detroit, servicing clients from across the world. What started off as a single home build has evolved to the collection and refinement of almost every type of investment property available on the market. We have meticulously crafted a standardized approach to property acquisition, renovation and sales, based on proven techniques and only the most reliable financial forecasts. Founded with a focus on high quality service, and a reliable product, the Strategy Investment Group has been helping investors build wealth for over 15 years.


What differentiates Strategy Investment Group from similar companies is our capacity to provide a vast array of products, to suit the needs of our diverse clients. We often customize individual arrangements, working to fill the requests of wholesalers and equity groups, along with first time investors. Our team strives to stay ahead of the curve, traveling across the world to attend workshops, seminars, and property development exhibitions. Market trends are often changing, and those who keep up are the most successful. We also host webinars, and provide seminars to educate investors on the amazing potential of real estate investing.

Proven Results

Our process has evolved as a culmination of different techniques, finely crafted to suit the common attribute among all investors—the pursuit of profit. The prosperity of our triumphant clients has catapulted us to become a leading turnkey property developer in the Metro Detroit market. Financial goals presented to our team by investors can only be met through transparent arrangements, and unwavering support services. As the real estate market has oscillated, what has remained constant is one thing—our unwavering effort and success to capitalize on the best available opportunities, and passing these opportunities on to our diverse clientele.

I founded Strategy Investment Group with a simple goal—to provide reliable products and honest services to investors that are looking to build wealth.

Mike Jordan – President

Interested in Working with Strategy?

At Strategy Investment Group, we are always looking for new talent to diversify our capabilities. We are interested in highly motivated professionals who work well in a fast paced, competitive atmosphere. If you have the motivation and experience to join our team, please contact us today to learn more! https://greendayonline.com/no-credit-check-loans/

What We Do

  • Turnkey Real Estate Investments!
  • Unbeatable Property Management Services!
  • 0 Down, 0% Construction Financing Available!
  • Business Lending Options Available!